The Budding Designer

The ability to envision a piece of clothing, the perfect angle or invention is the artistic touch that designers are born with. The ability to choose the fabric and then cut and finish it into the original vision is the expertise that only an outstanding couturier like Nina Gleyzer can execute.

Nina Gleyzer was born and educated in Russia. She journeyed to Atlanta in 1993 to set up and run her own design studio. Nina’s tryst with fashion design began long before she came to the US, and she took the western fashion industry by storm with her feminine cuts and impeccably finished women’s wear line. 

Her eye for style and color and her pursuit of perfection have all contributed to the emergence of an elegant, almost aristocratic, design house. Many designers specialize in particular cuts or styling, but very few have Nina’s penchant for perfectly fit and totally finished garments. Her styles are classic and timeless. 

Nina Gleyzer produces some of the most unforgettable, classy, timeless designs, which are meticulously embellished in beautiful and luxurious woven fabrics, trimmed with rosettes, accented with beads, and elegantly accessorized.

Nina’s work not only stems from internal motivation, but also in her formal education. She has a master’s in fashion design and holds a doctorate in art. Nina does not sell clothing — she creates beauty, confidence and envy for her clients. See all Nina's one-of-a-kind designs available for purchase

Nina Gleyzer | Fashion Designer

Nina Gleyzer | Fashion Designer


I arrive at Nina's Gleyzer's atelier (studio) and I am welcomed by the courteous and gracious Nina herself. We sit down, and she waits for my questions in a manner that says she has heard too many before. As we begin to talk, however, it is clear that Nina is unique and distinct, and as any true artist she is not looking for mass appeal or approval.

On the contrary, she is committed to her art and her design, using only “the best fabrics” (including Chanel wool) and never wants to make a dress that is just “pretty.” Having presented at New York Fashion Week, won numerous awards, and having an established studio in Buckhead for decades, it is clear that Nina has mastered her art. She tells me she is the only person in the country that makes one-of-a-kind pieces. They are not custom, she clarifies, but simply a piece - whether it be a jacket, dress, coat or accessory - that stands by itself. She makes one and only one, and then, “You either like it or you don't.” When a client purchases one of these singular pieces, she will alter it to fit his or her body “like a glove” before sending them on their way.

Nina has a distinct perspective, not unlike many great artists, masters, and visionaries. She laments the mass marketing of fashion and cheap clothes, and believes it relates to American's lack of self-esteem and hesitation to stand out of the crowd. Her clothes are made to last, and the combination of thought, craftsmanship, and details make each piece versatile and quite extraordinary.

I tried on a dress that I liked, and truth-be-told, I don't think I've ever worn a garment that fit as well. In front of the mirrors in Nina's studio, I was transformed from a young American girl into Audrey Hepburn, and I felt just as stylish and chic as she must have in her Chanel. In addition creating her one-of-a-kind pieces, Nina also teaches classes at her studio. It is truly a gem in the heart of Atlanta, and most definitely worth a visit.

By Kaity Moreira
Style Up — Atlanta, GA