The icing on the cake is a must

Every eight weeks a woman spends money on a perfect cut and color. Every ten days manicures and pedicures are touched up. They get their massages and facials. Then hit the gym to tighten and tone their bodies. Face lifts and liposuction ensure the smoothest face possible, while the buttox and other injections are inserted for the right amount of curves. Finally the last ingredient for a lady is bought: cosmetics and perfume. And after all the thousands of dollars are spent to build the perfect woman, what more glamorous thing to throw on than sweatpants and a sweatshirt?

The most important part of a woman is lost: her beautiful clothes. Why do woman spend all that money and effort just to look like a bum? I don’t understand. After all that I would think the icing on the cake would be to flaunt a gorgeous dress that flatters and fits. Walking down the street I’m sure some nice jogging pants would be comfortable but come on. Does that help your confidence at all? A woman will never feel better and more confident than when she gets all dolled up in breathtaking clothing. It’s a waste of money to spend everything on your body if you’re just going to hide it underneath some baggy clothes. Show it off to the world and take pride in what you religiously take care of every day!

Sara Pocius