If The Crown Fits – Wear It

First let’s talk about the word “couture”. About 20 years ago when I just opened my studio, people were thinking that “couture” was my last name. Funny?? Not at all. Lack of education. Nowadays it is the opposite. You can read this word everywhere. You can see “couture boutiques” on every corner. You can see couture perfume, couture jewelry and soon probably we will see couture hardware stores and couture toilets bowls. Funny??? Not at all. Lack of education with only one purpose – to confuse the consumer.

For those of you who do not know,” haute couture” in France means just one and only one thing – high fashion, hand sewing, custom sewing. Now the question is – do you think that the $100.00 dress you bought at the couture boutique is really couture? Of course not. People loosely use this word to make their business sound more glamorous and if you believed it – sorry.

If more than one dress exists – then it has nothing to do with couture. And the $100.00 price tag has nothing to do with couture. If there is more than 1 dress made of a design it is not couture – I hope this is clear.

Now, let’s talk about money – your money, America. Let me tell you what probably nobody told you before. You need to know who you are paying and what you are paying for when you buy your clothes. Let’s say you are buying a $250.00 dress at your favorite retailer. (The price tag can be much higher or lower – does not matter).

When you pay at the register, you are paying for the designer who came up with the idea, fashion illustrator who drew the sketch of this dress, pattern maker who designed the first pattern, the sample maker who developed the prototype, the grader who multiplied the patterns to be able to make this dress into different sizes. Then you pay to the production room: cutters, sewing machine operators, pressers and so on.

You also pay for rent and electric bills of the retail store. You pay managers, salespeople, and even the person who sweeps the shop. Actually, just for your knowledge, to sew your dress from the first stitch to the last one takes 3 – 5 minutes. That is it. I repeat 3 – 5 minutes. Surprised??? Don’t be because you will be more surprised if I tell you that fabrics, lining, and notions (buttons, zippers, etc.) cost pennies. Also, cheap low quality fabrics, notions, and labor have been used. The actual cost for production of your pretty dress is about $ 5.00.

Now do you feel bad??? Sorry but even worse, if you think that for a more expensive dress you could buy that somebody put more love, knowledge, time, skill, and care – you are wrong!!!

You are just a target – a marketing target for the people who participated in the production process. You are not Lisa or Mary – the clothes you wear are made for a thousand of no name women and no one cares about you. Now be honest and ask yourself how many of those mass produced clothes look like cheap quality dresses, pants, and jackets. You name it you have them in your closets with price tags on without ever having been worn.

I am not going to change the world or change you all. I just want to share my professional points of view on what you don’t know or what you don’t want to know and on what I see and you don’t see. My truth is going to be very painful but it needs to be heard by all American women

I am going to share my knowledge, my expertise and my experience. You might like it or not – your decision. You can stop reading at any time and hate me, which is fine. But for those whom my words have some meaning, stay with me because I am here to help you! I feel very sorry for you and your money. What I beg of you is please do not buy junk. Be selective and wise. Instead of buying 10 dresses with no personal style – buy 1. Believe me you will feel much more special by doing this.

In Europe we say, “I am too poor to buy cheap”. Follow this advice and feel rich and be rich.

For you strong and honest women with a sense of style – women who are still with me up to this point – I want to tell you that we will talk about many other aspects of our one of a kind miracle – being a woman.

“If the crown fits – wear it”.

Nina Gleyzer

Sara PociusCouture