No flip flops in the city — PLEASE!

Feet rarely look sexy whether they be in a sporty tennis shoe, nice loafer, but most importantly never ever ever…..flip flops! Living in Atlanta, this is not a resort area. Why is there a need to wear flip flops to places? Please please be a woman and at least throw on a beautiful pair of sandals or even better a sexy pair of heels. Flip flops are meant for the beach. Nothing else. They are little plastic forms meant to be taken off and because of that why would you ever wear them out to anywhere other than a beach or pool? As the French say you have to be uncomfortable to look good. We are woman! We have such privileges over men. We can paint our faces beautiful with makeup, and create unique hairstyles to flaunt around town, our clothing can be chosen from absolutely anything! Take pride in yourself and dress like the gorgeous woman you are.

I understand that flip flops are a comfortable choice in footwear….but why? Does that enhance your body in any way? Not at all. In fact it brings attention to your feet which lets be honest no one has feet that are attractive. Unless you have nice, neat, beautifully clean feet, you are wrong if you think they look sexy. Take a moment to put on some shoes that are fun to look at, throw on a beautiful outfit, apply some lipstick and go out like the beautiful woman you are.

Sara Pocius