Summer’s curse

With the return of summer comes the return of a continuous horror story…shorts. Please ladies we need to get it through your brain that if you are above a size 8 you have no reason to be wearing these monstrosities. Look down at your legs. You must be oblivious to the site of this horrible mess. I know I’m being harsh but let me stop you right there. YOU ALL NEED TO HEAR IT. Stop being politically correct for just five minutes and actually think about this problem. People don’t need to see your ugly legs glowing in the blazing summer sun.

You need to get insurance on those bad boys so you stop hurting anyone else’s eyes and hearts. Honey start dressing like the woman you are for flattery and enhancement, not comfort. You need to stop wearing shorts if you don’t have the gorgeous tanned and toned legs that it takes to pull them off. Don’t be delirious any longer and quit making a fool of yourself. We don’t all have the ability to flaunt them, but just accept it and move on because the only one that it makes look bad is yourself.

Sara Pocius