Alteration Conversation

Alterations are a huge part of the fashion industry especially if you are buying off the rack. These clothes aren’t specifically designed for you and your body type so of course you would think to get every garment readjusted to perfectly fit you. These garments are mass marketed and produced exactly the same way for usually only three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

Can we take a moment and appreciate that I’ve never met a single woman or man, nor have you I bet, that just falls perfectly into those size categories? What about hips, legs , chests. Each body is uniquely different and that’s why we can all appreciate them for beauty. Nowadays alterations is going unnoticed and unconcerned.

Going to a store, pants, suits, shirts, etc. are bought for a range of different prices. Unfortunately, these shoppers don’t plan ahead. ALWAYS expect to pay extra money for alterations ALWAYS. Now it’s understandable why you wouldn’t think to pay again for something you just got for so cheap, what’s the point of getting it cheap? Especially since the price for cheaply made clothes is higher in alterations. And then paying for something highly expensive, of course you wouldn’t want to spend even more money when you obviously just paid a good deal for the clothes to already look and feel perfect.

On the other hand though, you are throwing your money down the drain not getting alterations done. You’ve already spent that money to get clothes. Clothes are supposed to flatter you, so make it worth it and ALWAYS get your alterations done! Don’t make a mistake…have the work done properly.

One of my favorite quotes is, “The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten.” Keep that in the back of your minds ladies and gentlemen because there could not be an even truer statement.

Sara Pocius