Style Fashion Week New York 2016

A lot of things were happening. I just sold my business in January of 2015. Shortly after that, I received a call from a producer who asked me to be in the IMG Fashion Week on 2/15/16 (formerly the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week). This was a really big deal as I was chosen out of 10,000 designers! So I worked hard and it took me 10 months to complete my 30 piece collection. Unfortunately, the producer called me back and told me that the sponsor was not able to give me the money for the show. After this, I became so depressed. For three weeks I had no life in me, did not get out of bed, and did not want to brush my teeth or anything. Then my husband said; ā€œNina, get up and do something to show your collection!ā€ Hearing these words from my husband revived me. So I decided on very short notice to get involved in Style Fashion Week in New York on February 11th. I got my pieces together, bought plane tickets, and made hotel reservations all in one week! The show was beautiful, a success and I was grateful to be there and appreciate all of the kindness that was shown to me by the organizers of the show. Now my goal is to look for a sponsor for a bigger show in the near future for IMG

Sara Pocius