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If The Crown Fits – Wear It

First let’s talk about the word “couture”. About 20 years ago when I just opened my studio, people were thinking that “couture” was my last name. Funny?? Not at all. Lack of education. Nowadays it is the opposite. You can read this word everywhere. You can see “couture boutiques” on every corner. You can see couture perfume, couture jewelry and soon probably we will see couture hardware stores and couture toilets bowls. Funny??? Not at all. Lack of education with only one purpose – to confuse the consumer.

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What is Chic?

Chic is one of a few things that, refusing to bow down and worship fashion, is not crushed under the wheels of that juggernaut. Chic is to fashion what poetry is to prose, cold veal to roast partridge, a gadfly to a bull. What is chic may in a sense be fashionable, but what is fashionable cannot be chic.

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