NINÓN perfume by fashion designer Nina Gleyzer

Couture fashion designer Nina Gleyzer has designed her first fragrance, NINÓN — the name inspired by her childhood nickname. Throughout history, famous couturiers like Chanel or Dior have launched a fragrance to complement their high-end, luxurious fashions.

Scent is about memory. Nina's fragrance was born with the eloquence and creativity she so easily expresses. Since fragrance is about concept, she was passionate about her couturier fragrance launch. Nina had a clear, and focused direction to represent her world-class fashion style and brilliance. Nina's brand is about being beautiful, timeless and often compared to the beauty of the 1940's to 1960's when women were so perfectly groomed, always wore perfume, nail polish and makeup.

NINÓN represents the royalty and rich culture of St. Petersburg like a gilded palace on the banks of the Neva River. Designed for the sophisticated and distinctive woman that is not afraid to set herself apart with a strong sense of style, the new fragrance by Nina dances with the classic floral notes of rose and jasmine set on a sultry, sexy base of vanilla, exotic and spicy woods and chic green amber.

The floral oriental scent resembles "the White Nights" of Russia with a mysterious, sparkling, and almost mystical note that keeps intriguing just like the city while lit with this magical light. NINÓN, like the Peterhof or Russian Versailles, is architectural brilliance in a parfum. The heart notes or melody of Nina's first parfum is something Empress; Catherine the Great would have worn herself.

Just like the brightly colored turrets of the Baroque style, this eloquent, snowy parfum expresses the talent of Nina Gleyzer to do what she does best....creating style whether in fragrance or fashion, or ideally both arts. Nina Gleyzer, a designer whose name is synonymous with haute couture worldwide created this fabulous scent with help of amazing Susan Sexton, master parfumeur at BLEND, trained by Galimard in Grasse, France which was established in 1747.

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Available in silver 10ml rollettes by custom order: $60

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